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 We have developed this website primarily for our return customers and others that know and trust our work after having seen us in their neighborhood.  However we extend these offers to whomever would like to take advantage of the savings. By ordering and purchasing online you save us the time and expense of  telesales, order taking, property search, billing, invoicing and collections through our  automated system. Helping us to focus on what we do best, cleaning your property, and we pass this savings along to you!

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Premium House Washing Special

Let us clean your homes exterior and restore its natural beauty by washing your siding, foundation,

brick stoops, and tool shed, with a cleaning solution that removes mold, mildew, dirt, debris,and

cobwebs, followed by a thorough rinsing of your home and driveway

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Chose your housewashing

If you are unsure about the square footage of your home, search your address on any major search engine, i.e. MSN, Yahoo, Google, etc. or look at your tax records or deed. 

Chesterfield and South Richmond

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Henrico and North Richmond

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Chose your service day (weather permitting)

If no option is selected we will perform the service during normal daylight hours (8am-5pm), typically within 1-2 weeks M-F. However, weather periodically forces us to work weekends. If you require a more precise date, please chose from the options below. If the day of week selected is today or tomorrow, service will performed on that day of the following week. Same and Next day options must be ordered by noon






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Concrete and Aggregate Driveways and patios






Gutter Cleaning 

 Removal of Leaves and Debris



Price per section (post-to-post)

cleaned on both sides

enter quantity after clicking the appropriate button

Wood 6' Privacy $20.00

Wood 3-4' Picket $15.00

Vinyl or composite 6'$10.00

Vinyl or composite 3-4' Picket $7.50

Deck Cleaning 


Cleaned with a high alkaline solution to restore your decks natural color, removing mold, mildew, dirt, debris, and some to most, old failing sealants and stains. Please call for an estimate if you require a complete removal of a paint or stain.











Cleaned by the same

process as your home





 Water Truck

Capable of carying 100% of the water required for any size job.

Coming Soon, Unavailable!


   Misc., Gratuities

Every year our company donates our time to "Rebuilding Together" in RVA, helping out those in need with home improvements. Also, once or twice a month we wash someones home that cannot afford it. If you know of someone in need of our services that may not be able to afford it, please email us their information at and we will consider them.













Please call or email us with technical problems on our website. We thank you in advance!!!

Our website prices are subject to change but will honor the price you have purchased or have pre-ordered. is a pressure washing business that offers house washing, pressure washing, decking cleaning, and gutter cleaning in the Chesterfield, Richmond, Henrico, Chester, Virginia and surrounding areas.

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